Lans’ employee team

The company now has about 85 permanent employees who include managers, team leaders, technical department staff, workers in the greenhouses and office personnel (HRM, quality assurance, energy and administration). The majority of these permanent employees has been working for the company for 3 years or more and is highly committed. The percentage of the absenteeism due to sickness is generally very low. This is fairly unique in the Netherlands and speaks volumes about Lans’ employees. Employees are invited to attend evaluation and appraisal interviews and draw up a personal development plan that is discussed every year. Most employees knows how to further develop through training. The company also uses temporary workers and students to be able to perform all activities in the greenhouse. Temporary workers are people from Poland and Romania. Students range from 13 to 22 year olds and work on Saturday mornings, days off and during school holidays. About 350 temporary workers and approximately 200 students work at the company during the peak of the activities (the summer season).

Employees that can be permanently counted on

No quality products without good people Lans believes that the role of the employee within the company is of more importance that it is given on average. There is good reason why Lans is known as the company with a pleasant working environment. Much attention is paid to the commitment of employees. Information finds its way very quickly from management to the work floor. Visa versa, management is open to the information stream coming from staff. A newsletter, for example, is issued every month. A number of permanent employees have jobs that are coordinating with regard to the different Lans sites, in particular, with regard to office and technical maintenance. Employees are permanently supported in their jobs. Personal development plans for each employee give management good insight into the qualities and ambitions of every employee. There is an introduction policy especially for new employees.

Temporary workers to deal with work peaks

In addition to permanent employees, the Lans sites use a large number of temporary workers. These temporary workers are mainly deployed during times that production increases significantly. Lans uses the services of a number of different temporary employment agencies to guarantee optimum flexibility. Temporary workers are deployed for all plant activities that arise.

Als scholier werken bij Lans Westland of Zeeland

Students learn from Lans

In particular, Lans works with a large number of students for the harvest of tomatoes and to remove lower leaves. They are mainly deployed on Saturdays, during holidays and on other days when schools are closed. The deployment of students is considerable at the different sites. Lans usually works with a team of permanent students who are used to the company’s processes and have correctly mastered the activities.
The support of students is also in good hands at Lans. Sometimes students take the step from their holiday job to a permanent job at Lans. Lans is an approved training company so that these students can be offered an on-the-job training process. Students who would like to work at Lans can register through our online application form form for students. For information about working at Lans you can contact us using the data below.

Lans Westland
Herenwerf 52
3155 DK Maasland
Taking on students
Fe Pramoota
Mobile telephone number: 06-53955692

Maasambacht 2b
2676 CW Maasdijk
Taking on students
Martin Mos
Mobile telephone number: 06-28903303

Burgerweg 32
2678 NW De Lier
Taking on students
Mark Molendijk
Mobile telephone number: 06-18783059

Lans Dinteloord
Willemspolderweg 2
4671 TK Dinteloord
Taking on students
Ronald van Duuren
Mobile telephone number: 06-54984080

Symbiose 9
4671 TM Dinteloord
Taking on students
Ronald van Duuren
Mobile telephone number: 06-54984080

Lans Zeeland
Nieuwe Dwarsweg 6
4411 TG Rilland
Taking on students
Pieter Harms
Mobile telephone number: 06-83840504

Bathpolderdwarsweg 1
4411 TH Rilland
Taking on students
Pieter Harms
Mobile telephone number: 06-83840504

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