What we believe is important

Lans’ values and mission

Lans’ DNA includes the following value:

  • Partnership: We are convinced that working in partnership leads to a better performance.
  • Innovation: There is no future without innovation.
  • Organisation: Good performance requires good organisation.
  • Sustainability: society’s support is required to be successful in the long term. This is, in particular, true for the greenhouse horticulture sector. Lans implements this by considering the 3 Ps (People, Planet and Profit) when it takes any decision.
  • Commitment: Lans wants to be close to its staff and customers. They determine the success of Lans to a large extent.


Lans wants to be a top tomato producer that manages to attain economies of scale and cost benefits through its collaboration with other growers and achieves good profit margins because of its partnership in the chain. The customer’s demand always has the highest priority within this context. Lans wants to be a good employer for its staff where employees find challenges and opportunities and enjoy their work. Lans is always searching for innovations. To reduce costs and to improve margins.

Strong in partnerships

Lans is strong in collaborating and, therefore, has also become a player that counts in the sector. Our partnerships ensure we know what is going on in all types of professional areas that we must master to be part of the top. We have partnerships with different fellow growers that operate in different professional areas such as seed breeding, IT, temporary employment agencies, energy, packaging and sales.

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Innovate to be part of the top players

Innovation is part of our slogan ‘Where new ideas grow’. Our partnerships are innovations and we develop new innovations within these partnerships.

Being ahead with regard to innovation in relation to IT by ensuring that our employees do not have to deal with all types of administrative registrations by developing apps for growing technical and work-related issues.

We also innovate in sustainable energy to ensure we use more and more often green energy such as geothermal energy or residual heat to heat our greenhouses and to make provisions with regard to CO2. We innovate in green crop protection where possible to ensure we have a natural balance in our greenhouses. We innovate in sustainable packaging and marketing to ensure our customers commit to our company with regard to a year round constant high-quality product.

Lans also innovates and invests constantly internally to cultivate using the best resources to grow a high-quality product.

A committed independent organisation

We have a young independent organisation that even manages the locations with regard to growing and labour. We are always looking for improvements to grow a high-quality product and what the customer wants. This demands a flexible attitude from our organisation to ensure we can provide customers with what they want. Our organisation is also busy in reducing costs by innovating in measures that will lessen the workload or robotisation.

People are very important to Lans

We pay much attention to our employees at Lans. Working conditions have been optimised by observing occupational health and safety measures and by investing in measures that will lessen the workload. By creating commitment, employees are also innovative and an organisation can continue to grow.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): a standard for entrepreneurship

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is here to stay these days. The basic principles for Lans are People, Planet and Profit (the three Ps) within this context. Lans believes it is important that the company is placed right in the centre of society and that it opens its door to its surroundings. This means colleagues, local residents, politics, social organisations and all important stakeholders. We want to be enterprising and grow (vine) tomatoes all year round in the Netherlands. We believe that this is not possible without good commitment to society, taking responsibility and doing business keeping the three Ps in mind.