Dealing efficiently with energy

Energy in horticulture is an important production factor. This factor is even greater with regard to ta grower that uses grow light. Energy is then not just used to heat the greenhouse, but also to add grow light.
Lans has 14 combined heat and power (CHP) systems to ensure we can deal as efficiently as possible with energy. They can produce around 35 MW in electricity per hour in total.

CHP systems

The CHP system is a large motor with a generator. This generator converts gas into electricity. Heat is released during this process that is used for heating the greenhouses. The CO2 that is released is also used in the greenhouses after purification. By making additional CO2 available, natural growth and the production of tomatoes is promoted significantly. The electricity is used for the grow light in the greenhouses or, if the grow light is not required, it is returned to the grid.

Many growers in the Netherlands have CHP systems for heating their greenhouses. This has meant that greenhouse horticulture has become a player on the electricity market.

Gas that is used by CHP systems is used much more efficiently than at a power plant. The cooling water of the CHP system is, after all, completely used for heating the greenhouse and not, as is the case at power plants, destroyed