Residual flows

Residual flows from the company

The cultivation lasts approximately 50 weeks and, in this time, the stems can grow up to no less than 12 metres. At the end of the cultivation, the greenhouse is emptied: this means that leaves, plants and rock wool are taken out.
The leaves and stems are taken away to be composted and the rock wool mats are recycled. They can, for example, be used as a raw material for bricks.

The greenhouse is cleaned and prepared for the next crop for which new substrate mats are provided.
The plants are supplied by the nursery for the new cultivation season. Residual flows are also released during the year and Lans has set itself the goal to collect this separately as much as possible for composting or recycling. Third quality tomatoes are, for example Food Fellows, glass is placed in the glass container and paper in the paper container.

Food fellows