Lans aims at achieving efficient growing and does this through substrate growing.

All Lans tomatoes are grown on substrate. This means that the plants do not have roots in the earth, but the plants are planted in substrate on gutters. The substrate consists of mats that contain rock wool. The mats are replaced every year during crop rotation. The old mats are recycled. The benefit of growing on substrate is that you can regulate the ‘root climate’ much better when compared to growing in earth. Nutrients and water are used optimally when substrate growing.

See here information about substrate and sustainability.

Below you will find an explanation about substrate of the Grodan website


Using rock wool substrate offers many benefits. This growth medium is of a constant high quality because of the controlled manufacturing process. The sterile production under extremely high temperature ensures that it is guaranteed clean and that it does not contain contaminants. Thanks to the unique hydrofile fibre, growing using rock wool substrate is, moreover, extremely controllable. The horticulturist can administer water and nutrients in a targeted manner to achieve an optimum crop result. There is simple no more waste. The yield per square metre is high and the energy consumption per product unit is low because of the efficient deployment of water and nutrients. The material is also light in weight and, therefore, can be easily manipulated. And last but not least, rock wool can be easily recycled. In brief, a sustainable and environmentally friendly product.

  • Constant and controlled quality
  • Clean: does not contain any contaminants
  • Optimum control range
  • High yield of a high quality
  • Savings on water and nutrients
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Can be fully recycled
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly