GeoPower Oudcamp

Heat from the earth for Lans and other entrepreneurs

Lans has started the GeoPower Oudcamp project with different participants. The project comprises realising a geothermal system that extracts hot water at a depth of 2,600 metres between 90 and 93 degrees Celsius. The heat of this water is used through heat exchangers to heat horticultural business in a sustainable manner. If the heat is used to a maximum extent, the water will have cooled down to approximately 35 degrees Celsius. Next, the cooled water is again pumped back to a depth of 2,600 metres.

15 million m3 of natural gas can be saved on an annual basis with this project. This represents CO2 emissions of 267,000 metric tons per year. This is the same as the consumption of 10,500 households.
We try in this way to grow our products as sustainably as possible and to create added value for the market.

Visit the GeoPower Oudcamp website