Lans’ products are packaged based on the preferences of the client at Greenpack.

Greenpack is one of the largest packaging and distribution centres of Western Europe. To produce efficiently in one thing. Packaging efficiently is another area of expertise altogether. All fresh products are processed efficiently and from a food safety perspective. Most Lans tomatoes that are sold in small packs are packaged by Greenpack. Products that are harvested in the morning are customer-specifically packaged ready to be distributed to buyers over the entire world on that same day. Greenpack delivers tailor-made solutions and adds value to the product with its packaging.

Lans is a Greenpack shareholder

Knowledge and skills

All knowledge and skills for an efficient tailor-made packaging are combined within Greenpack. The Greenpack set-up fits in the Lans philosophy to deliver quality on all fronts ranging from production conditions in the greenhouses up to and including the presentation in supermarkets. Greenpack packages all Lans tomatoes in boxes and outer boxes for national and international clients. Greenpack has the most modern of packaging lines in-house. Tomatoes can be packaged completely based on the requirements of the client.

Maximum attention is paid to hygiene while observing all conditions that are required for the most important international quality standards within Greenpack. It should, therefore, not come as a surprise that Greenpack already has had the BRC certificate for quite a while as one of the first packaging companies. Modern systems at the production companies and at Greenpack guarantee optimum tracking and tracing. Communication lines can stay short with Greenpack as an independent participation within the Lans Group. A guarantee that maximum quality can be delivered up to and including the retail shelves!

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