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Excellent career opportunities

At each location, there is a fun and diverse team working to manage everything as well as possible, with the right spirit being key.

We keep everyone well informed and can only appreciate it if make your wishes known to us as well. That way, we are constantly able to reconcile the wishes of our employees with those of Lans. We have an excellent employment policy with appropriate remuneration, good fringe benefits and plenty of opportunities to follow courses. Through all of this, we hope to offer our employees excellent career opportunities within the company.

Who is Lans

"Every day, our whole team works on top-quality tomatoes. I'm really proud of that."

- Erwin van der Lans
Work & Career

Our people are our strength

Lans is a versatile family business that likes to meet people who are good at their jobs and know how to get things done.

Working at Lans means working for an innovative company. Not only innovative in its cultivation and technology, but also innovative in its dealings with employees

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