Who is Lans

A leading company

A real family business that our employees are part of

Lans has been growing tomatoes since 1976 and is one of the leading tomato producers where many new ideas are developing. We grow at seven high-tech sites in the Netherlands and one site in Egypt with a complete range tailored to our customers. With a total cultivation area of 85 hectares, we can supply a complete range all year round.

Innovative company

By continuing to invest and innovate in new products, new techniques and new markets, Lans has traditionally developed into one of the most modern tomato growers in the Netherlands. Various types of tomatoes are produced at the different locations. Maximum integrated green crop protection, custom-packed and produced within the norms of high quality standards. Lans stands for innovation. The company has grown to its current level thanks to a healthy dose of entrepreneurial spirit. A company that takes people and the environment into account. With these pillars as a foundation, Lans is a financially healthy company where efficiency and quality go hand in hand!

Large company with multiple branches

With our company, we can meet the high demands of retail organisations, and with seven locations in the Netherlands and 1 location in Egypt, we can supply the right quantities of various types of tomatoes year-round.

Our foreign branches

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