Wondering how our tomatoes grow?

Healthy and tasty tomatoes

Lans grows various types of (vine) tomatoes year-round for various markets. Cultivation is extremely important for Lans to be able to guarantee tomatoes of the highest and best quality. To this end, the various sites are equipped with the most modern equipment and up-to-date greenhouses. During cultivation, growing resources such as water, fertilisers, crop protection and labour are very important. Lans tries to cultivate responsibly, which means water recycling, efficient use of fertilisers and extensive biological use of crop protection. When it comes to labour, it is important that quality and costs go hand in hand.


Our people take care of growing the tomatoes, not the greenhouse

Our tomatoes are grown in a glass greenhouse. The work in the greenhouse work is done by our employees. Growing tomatoes is very labour intensive. A rough indication is that on average, 5 to 7 FTE per hectare are needed to carry out all the work.

The Labour Manager with their team leaders guide all employees on how the work should be done to deliver a quality product to our customers.

Growing locations

Where do we grow as Lans?