Our collaborations keep our focus on growing tomatoes what we do best.
Harvest House

We are proud to be members of Harvest House U.A. cooperative.

Harvest House is an international organisation of passionate and committed growers. It is one of the largest producer organisations in fruiting vegetables in the Netherlands with a wide range of tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. An increasing share of these are organic. Harvest House B.V. handles the sale of its members' products.

We grow high-quality fruiting vegetables in an innovative and sustainable way, and we take them from the greenhouse to the consumer together with Harvest House's chain partners. We are true doers. We just do it and do it well, we do it our own way and, above all, we do it together. Because we can achieve more together.

Together, we are building a food chain that is relevant to the world, because we believe that everyone in the world should have access to healthy, nutritious and delicious food

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Efficient and fresh packaging

At Greenpack, Lans products are packed according to customer requirements

Greenpack is one of Western Europe's largest packaging and distribution centres. Efficient production is one thing, but efficient packing is a whole other specialism. All fresh produce is processed in an efficient and food-safe way. The vast majority of tomatoes, which are sold in retail packaging from Lans, are packed by Greenpack. Products harvested in the morning are ready for distribution to customers all over the world on the same day. Greenpack delivers tailor-made solutions and adds value to the product with its packaging.

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We like to focus on growing tomatoes. That is why we use the knowledge of our partners.

Erwin van der Lans

Producer of plastic and cardboard packaging

High-quality packaging with the right service

Bekopak is a packaging manufacturer of high-quality thin-walled thermoformed packaging. Based at Greenpack's premises, the company produces 250 million packaging units a year for both its own use and for sale to third parties.

Bekopak is an initiative of the Greenpack shareholders.

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A tomato blend with no artificial additives.

GreenBlend specialises in processing freshly harvested tomatoes into an exceptional tomatoblend for use in industry and foodservice.

This tomato blend contains no artificial additives and consists exclusively of tomatoes grown according to Dutch quality standards. GreenBlend is a unique partnership between various parties in the agri-food industry. Through an innovative production process and top-quality ingredients, GreenBlend aims to distinguish itself in the processed tomato and pulp market.

Sales activities of our tomato blend take place at grower cooperative Harvest House.

GreenBlend is an initiative of the Greenpack shareholders.

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NL Jobs

More than just recruiting and placement

NL Jobs has become a major player in the market. NL specialises in recruiting and selecting employees in Eastern Europe for various sectors. Naturally, it also takes care of payroll administration for these international employees and various facility matters where necessary. Examples include accommodation, transport, insurance and social counselling of employees.

NL Jobs also handles the payroll of our trainees.

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NL Realty

Responsible way of housing

International employees coming to the Netherlands from Europe to work here in the greenhouses deserve decent housing. NL Realty takes care of that. NL Realty also works closely with NL Jobs.

NL Realty has a wide range of housing options and coordinates all necessary services to provide hygienic and responsible housing for these employees.

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Axia vegetable seeds

Created by passion

Axia seeds was founded 2010 in. Top specialists in the field of vegetable seed breeding and top growers work together to find new tomato varieties. These new varieties must be distinctive in terms of exquisite flavour and a surplus of healthy ingredients. In addition, quality and quantity must be well balanced.

To develop these varieties, Axia has a research centre in Naaldwijk and trials are run in locations both domestically and abroad.

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Software for greenhouse horticulture

Labour registration in greenhouses and warehouses, developing tracking and tracing, product registrations, cost analyses and logistics processes in packing halls, are some of the examples Nitea IT Solutions deals with.

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Nieuw Prinseland

Nieuw Prinsenland is a location for greenhouse entrepreneurs with ambition

Nieuw Prinsenland is equipped with numerous facilities, such as its own gas transfer station including an 8-bar gas network, a regional 150/20 kV substation is located in the area, a sustainable water system for additional irrigation water and for taking care of discharge water, and excellent collaboration in the Horticultural Cooperative. The proximity of the existing sugar factory and the agro and food business park ensures that optimum use can be made of each other's residual flows, installations, knowledge and talents.

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GeoPower Oudcamp

Heat from the ground for Lans and other entrepreneurs

The geothermal heat project GeoPower Oudcamp was realized in 2018 with 7 fellow horticultural companies. GeoPower Oudcamp extracts water at a temperature of 95 degrees from the soil at a depth of 2,800 meters to use this heat to provide the surrounding greenhouse horticulture companies with sustainable heat. When the heat has been used to the maximum, the water will have cooled down to about 35 degrees. The cooled water is then pumped back to 2,800 with depth.

This project saves approximately 15,000,000 m3 of natural gas per year. This is a CO2 emission of 26.7 kilotonnes per year. This is equivalent to the consumption of more than 10,000 households. The aim is to cultivate the products in the most sustainable way possible and to create added value for the market.

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Kas Energy

Facilitates and supports energy buying and selling

Kas Energy takes care of all the support for all purchases and sales of electricity and other energy components and collects all data.