Operational on several fronts for and by the farm

Part of Lans’ current success is due to the strategic Lans participations. They have often been set up with the co-assistance of Lans Examples include:

  • Harvest House, the joint sales company. The products of the members of Harvest House are marketed by the sales subsidiary of the Harvest House sales organisation.
  • Fa. Greenpack, the joint packaging company. This company packages tomatoes produced by Lans for the client as small packs based on any possible requirement.
  • Bekopak, a company that offers high-quality packaging with the right service.
  • GreenBlend, a tomato blend without artificial additives. Only tomatoes. That is GreenBlend!
  • NL jobs, the joint temporary employment agency. Is mainly tasked with taking care of Polish temporary workers and the wages of temporary workers brought in by other temporary employment agencies plus all students.
  • kas energy, joint initiative of large greenhouse horticulture businesses in the area of energy provision. The organisation facilitates energy issues.
  • “GeoPowerOudcamp” :pagina:23, this is a partnership of a number of greenhouse horticulture businesses from the Oudcamp polder to realise a geothermal project for the sustainable purchase of heat.
  • Nitea, company for applied software (with seven other growers) that has, for example, written Work-IT and Packman.
  • Axia, Axia Seeds is an initiative of six large farms including Lans and two specialists from the seed world who run the company on a daily basis.