Operational Manager Westland: John Hoogeveen
E-mail: j.hoogeveen@lans.nl 
Phone: +31 (0) 628903312

Labour Manager: Willem Dijkshoorn
E-mail: w.dijkshoorn@lans.nl
Phone: +31 628903305

Junior Cultivation Manager: Luuk Vijverberg
E-mail: l.vijverberg@lans.nl
Phone: +31 610786082

Technical Department: Theus van Leeuwen
E-mail: t.vanleeuwen@lans.nl
Phone: +31 628903306

Packing hall:
E-mail: halma@lans.nl
Phone: +31 622398359


At Maasambacht, the cocktail tomatoes of the Red Pearl and Harvest of Health brands are packed in 3-kilo boxes, the box is filled in the greenhouse and weighed at the packing line plus of course checked for quality. Maasambacht also supplies some of its tomatoes to Greenpack via harvest cask, which is also fully automated by a stacking and palletising line in the packing hall.

Maasambacht is also Lans' headquarters. The directors, management support, financial and personnel administration have their offices here. Maasambacht 2b is therefore the billing address for the whole of Lans.